Clive Conway Celebrity Productions – An Audience With An Audience With Barry Norman

Production: An Audience With Barry Norman

18th Jul 2012 : King    (King)

Barry Norman


Barry Norman, the ultimate authority on movies, has interviewed most of the best loved stars of the silver screen.

In this highly amusing evening Barry reveals the secrets of the stars and their antics on and off screen.

The sensational secrets of celluloid stars are revealed in his show Favourite Films

Barry Norman, CBE – the icon of the small screen talks about the icons of the silver screen in his show AN AUDIENCE WITH BARRY NORMAN – AND WHY NOT – MEMOIRS OF A FILM LOVER.

As presenter of the BBC’s cinema review for 26 years, Barry Norman became a household name. This is a unique opportunity for theater going film lovers to meet the man who has so many great stories to tell of the rich and famous film actors and their antics both on and off screen.

Hear the true story behind Richard Burton’s claim in his diary that his wife, Elizabeth Taylor, had reduced me to tears, repented and given me a kiss.

Nonsense! What really happened was… Well, turn up and find out.

Peter Sellers – how he betrayed me three times and nearly got me fired.

John Wayne – how, deeply influenced by an excessive intake of bourbon, he rose up with the intention of smiting me hip and thigh from his seat in the club car of a train from Denver to Salt Lake City.

And how Bob Hoskins and I gate-crashed a private club and were welcomed as criminals.

All this plus other stories about Robert De Niro, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ewan McGregor, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger and, as they say in the movie blurbs, a cast of hundreds. If you need more information contact