Celebrity News This Week: The Life and Work of Stan Lee

Celebrity Productions Info gives you the most recent celebrity news – Stan Lee is dead: Comic book legend passes away at 95

The US daily celebrity news and gossip media sites reported, that the comic legend aged 95-years old died today in Los Angeles.  The comic book and celebrity world loses a hero among superheroes. Thanks to a wide range of mega-successful comic book blockbusters like “Black Panther,” “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” in which he appeared in cameos, Stan Lee was highly recognized and admired in Hollywood. In 2008 he was the recipient of the prestigious National Medal of Arts, given to him by the former US President George W. Bush. As a creator of famous superheroes, he stood out from other comic book writers that coined the genre. As of Monday, November 11, celebrity news and gossip media sites like “TMZ” and “Variety” have reported Stan Lee’s death, citing Lee’s daughter and their attorney.

Stan Lee is considered to be one of the most prominent storytellers

Comic books use to have a small fanbase of nerds and misfits, and they were considered fantasy material for children and young people. After that comics books see a rise in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s. Nowadays they are adapted into movies and video games. Marvel movies and video games gained even bigger success. If you want to relive some of the best Marvel comics, become part of the most incredible entertainment platforms, and play free Marvel-themed slots games. Besides, you will have a chance to play other prominent casino games too, such as poker. Today “Spider-Man” is known all around the world, not only as a fictional superhero but also as a hugely successful brand.

Stanley Martin Lieber was born in 1922 in New York. The son of Romanian immigrants, he was still a teenager when he began working as an assistant to the publisher of Timely Comics in 1939, later known as Marvel Comics. His stopgap texts in the third issue of the “Captain America” comics in 1941 were his debut. Short after he created his first cartoon character “Destroyer” and used the name Stan Lee in the booklet, and later became known by it.

The comic legend that made comics an acceptable art form

One of the first works created by Lee and the artist Jack Kirby is the “Fantastic Four.” The initial positive reactions from the publication inspired them to co-create iconic characters like “Hulk,” “Thor,” “Iron-Man,” and above all Marvel’s most successful superhero to date “Spider-Man.”

The so-called “Marvel Method” Lee attributed to allowed fast production of comic books. Instead of a script, he only gave rough information and thanks to great trust among colleagues they did not need further corrections. Overall, Lee created around 350 cartoon characters with Kirby, Steve Ditko, and other colleagues. With his distinct image – white hair, mustache, sunglasses, he soon became a kind of meta-superhero. Stan Lee enjoyed seeing his superheroes in comic-themed slots at online casinos. The online slots based on comics are especially popular among Stan Lee’s fans. These slots are present almost in every casino, because of the best bonus promotions they offer. Visit https://www.diamondreelsnodeposit.com and find out why casino bonuses are so important if you want to win big while playing all casino games.

Lee different methods in his creation of fictional characters. He infused his characters with distinct human flaws and attributes in addition to their superpowers. “Daredevil” is blind, ‘Hulk’ has uncontrolled outbursts of anger, while the “X-men” have physical, mental or behavioral disabilities. The geek Peter Parker, who climbs high-rise buildings as “Spider-Man” is an “average, sloppy boy.” However “Batman,” is portrayed as living his private life as millionaire Bruce Wayne.

Hollywood celebrities mourn Stan Lee

“Today, we lost a real-life superhero. Stan Lee, thank you for everything.”, wrote the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Twitter.

The comedian Seth Rogen thanked Lee: “He gave people who felt differently, feel that they are something special.”

“You were and will always be a superhero,” wrote the actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

The German rapper Casper said: “You, yourself, were the greatest Super Hero of all.”

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